we believe increasing education and raising awareness is critical.   postpartum depression is just one of many emotional challenges a mother can experience after giving birth.

perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) is a term that describes emotional conditions that may arise in women during pregnancy and after giving birth. 
baby blues
postpartum depression (PPD)
postpartum psychosis
most common
​does not affect 

60 - 80% of all births

sadness, irritability, frustration, fatigue

time of onset
1-3 days after birth up to a max of 14 days
very rare, most severe form of condition
potential risk of infanticide

1 - 2 in 1,000 births

quickly changing moods, racing thoughts, thoughts of harming child, delusional beliefs

time of onset
can be sudden, as early as a few days
​after birth

lasts longer than baby blues
has greater impact than ​baby blues

10 - 20% of all births

frequent crying, anger/irritability, sleep disturbances, anxiety, lack of attachment to child, thoughts of suicide

time of onset
anytime during the first year after birth

suicidal thoughts are NEVER normal. PLEASE  seek help when needed.   

postpartum obsessive compulsive disorders
postpartum anxiety and panic disorders
postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder
sometimes experienced alone
sometimes in tandem with depression

10% of all births

rapid heartbeat, dizziness, nausea, insomnia, moodiness, restlessness, irrational fear, frequent panic attacks, racing thoughts

3 - 5% of all births

obsessions, compulsions, hypervigilance,
fear of being alone with baby

mostly cuased by trauma of childbirth, especially if past trauma has occurred

9% of all births

flashbacks or nightmares, irritability,
​difficulty sleeping, hypervigilance, feeling of detachment

postpartum mania
bipolar mood disorder

3% of all births

periods of elevated moods and severe depression, rapid speech, continuous high energy, overconfidence, hallucinations, delusions, little need for sleep

time of onset
common within 6 weeks after birth

every individual deserves support and to be heard .   from local support groups to online forums, here are some resources and organizations providing knowledge  and building community. 

The Blue Dot Project

Postpartum Health Alliance